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Taking a Closer Look: Alabama

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William C. Holman Correctional Facility


There is no work program in place.

Time in Cell

Each cell is 20x10 with only a table, toilet, bed and a 3x4 window. Lights are kept on 24/7 and the men are not allowed to decorate their walls.


Inmates are allowed to have books. Inmates can attend religious services with others.


The men are allowed one visit per week with a duration of six hours. The visits are contact visits.

Educational Programs

No education programs are in place for Death Row, such as GED classes. However, there are classes available in spiritual growth, creative writing, yoga, and law.


The men on death row  have to pay $4.00 for medical treatment per visit. Psychotherapy and psychological treatment is available.


They are served 3 meals a day and are able to buy from commissary 3 times a week.


Recreation takes place 4 hours a week, staff permitting, where inmates are able to engage in different activities such as lift weights, basketball, and volleyball.


The men have tablets at their disposal. They can make phone calls.

Solitary Confinement

The men are in their cells for approximately 15 hours a day.

Attorney Visits

Attorney visits take place in the visitation area and are private. Attorneys can buy food and drinks for their clients.

Through Their Eyes

We asked the some of the men on Alabama Death Row the following question: What is something you wish people knew about you? 

Here are their answers.

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